MomentCam Caricature Application For Android

Are you among those who like to draw caricatures? It is an image that resembles an object either human, animal, or plant. And usually characteristic of the object exaggerated or changed from the original. If you are not, do not worry we have a solution. There is an android app that can help you in matters relating to the caricature, which is MomentCam.

Android has become so popular that the developer has released the latest version supports English language initially only support mandarin. This is a smart move, since the user knows that the development of these applications has been extended throughout the world. This photo editing application users will be greatly facilitated because the English language users will more easily understand the commands in an application rather than using mandarin language that is used to be the only one of these applications. with this android application momentcam, my friend can manipulate the face and is designed to be a cartoon character as a very attractive or can be said to be a caricature, my friend can use design themes that have been provided by momentcam, has been available for more than 100 pictures there. even my friend will get a bonus picture models every day.

MomentCam is an interesting application on Android to create fun comics and Japanese animation style, using your face and the faces of your friends. How to create comics or cartoons is very easy. You just need to take a picture of yourself, wait a few seconds, then select more than one hundred cartoons and comics for free choice. In the animation, available aplenty ‘gif’ to your avatar create funny movements. Then on the comic you can create your images with your friends, but you have to take a photo of each of your friends first. After finishing work on the image, you can save results to a mobile phone or share them online via Facebook or Twitter. MomentCam is a photo editing tool that is very good to create perfect images. Most of the resulting composition is really great.

MomentCam is an application that is very easy for us in changing the face photo into a caricature. This application further highlights the typical caricature of China, according to the country that created this android application. There are so many models are funny and unique caricatures provided by this one application. Do not worry this MomentCam provide many kinds of caricatures for women and men. Want to know what features are there in the application of this caricature. All are below.


• Provides more than 10 caricatures for women and men
• You can change the eyebrows, chin, hair, clothes even fit what you want
• You can also share with your social networking friends
• You can also give the writing on caricature

How? Interesting is not it? Oh yes MomentCam this is the only application that can turn a photo into a caricature tablets, not great: D. Waiting for the download and let’s take a look at your picture into a caricature funny. Oh yes you can also make it as your profile picture on facebook, because now many who try it. Good luck